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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Internal/External KateBot Simple Multihack

January 31, 2019 0
klorik (the creator) , fcsbraduku (glow/ effect) , ReactiioN (BSP Parser) , Puddin Poppin (injection method), SP1K3CSGO (delay aim) , @OfficerX (update for Battle Royale - Danger Zone)
FaceIT status (without Anti-Cheat client): undetected
FaceIT status (with Anti-Cheat client): broken (the cheat doesn't work, you are forced to play with their client when you get too many reports) 
CEVO status: unknown (you can test and leave the feedback below)
ESEA status: detected
Any other league status: unknown(B5Game DETECTED) (you can test and leave the feedback below)

-Aimbot(+FaceIT mode -> works without Faceit Anti-Cheat client) !BestBone aim mode -> set bone on weapon to 0 (already in default setts)
-FovBased Triggerbot (work on any distance and in smoke, work in walls too!!!)
-Skinchanger & Knifechanger // 99% broken, avoid using it
-C4 Owner & Defuse Player (Glow BLUE color)

-Auto update skins(can lags , can cause crash -> fix: disable (Config.ini))
-BSPParsing = true/fase - enable/disable fast view check(AIM operates through the smoke, doors and boxes)

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